How to integrate 3D cell cultures in biomedical research?

Advanced Cell Based Assay and Phenotype Screening Approaches in Biomedical Research and Drug Discovery – One Day Training Course with Live Demo

With the ever-increasing demand for improved productivity in research through the generation of robust analysis outputs has driven both the development and deployment of phenotypic cell-based approaches to drug discovery. In contrast to the more traditional cellular analysis and target-based approaches, here the researcher is able to evaluate the efficacy of potential therapeutics by monitoring the physiological state of cells through the simultaneous analysis of multiple cellular parameters in the context of an intact biological system. This course will cover the key features of the latest imaging technologies and the best approaches to using these technologies for phenotypic cell-based screening. As part of this course we will also cover the some of the latest approaches to 3D cell culture, lab on a chip and the analytical and methodological challenges these new methods represent to the researcher. This course will cover

  • An appraisal of the key technologies currently being utilized in this area of research
  • Presentation of research data from a few selected studies using both 2d functional and 3D assay technologies
  • Hands on demo showing demonstrating advanced analysis techniques
  • Q & A and Group Discussion

Lab Visit & Live Demo

A Lab visit and Live Demo has been arranged for the course participants at advanced high content and high throughput screening facility of C-CAMP. The visit will include a live demo of both the high end platforms.

Training Course 2014 Celltech 920x270 RGB


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